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Austro - Hungarian Pathology Congress

Organized by Hungarian and Austrian Societies for Pathology and the Hungarian and Austrian Divisions of the International Academy of Pathology (IAP).

We are proud that Pathonet has provided the IT background of the Hungarian Congresses of Pathology since 2005! Here you can find the slide seminar cases of the annual congress. Please have a look on these interesting, rare cases!



Slide seminar 1 – Extranodal Lymphomas

Dr. Andreas Chott’s case 1.

Dr. Andreas Chott’s case 2.

Dr. Judit Csomor’s case 

Dr. András Matolcsy’s case

Dr. Gábor Méhes's case

Dr. Leonhard Müllauer’s case

Dr. Ingrid Simonitsch-Klupp’s case

Dr. Ágota Szepesi’s case


Slide Seminar 2 Breast Pathology

Dr. Gábor Cserni’s case

Dr. Christa Freibauer’s case

Dr. Endre Kálmán’s case

Dr. Janina Kulka’s case

Dr. Sigurd Lax’s case

Dr. Lilla Madaras’ case

Dr. Angelika Reiner-Concin’s case

Dr. Peter Regitnig’s case